Multipurpose or specialized, Bolphane® shrink films are developed to meet the needs of the industrial and consumer goods markets alike:

Accessoires & housewares.
Printing, publishing and stationary.
Multimedia supports, high-tech products.
Toys, leisure and sporting goods.
Hardware and industrial goods.
Co-packing and many more uses.


Grade & Thickness


Standard Multi-purpose


Strong shrink force center folded film with optimized perforation for controlled shrinkage, ideal for multipacking applications.
Data Sheet, SDS

Standard High Speed

50-60-75-100 gauge

High shrink force film with excellent stiffness and flatness, making it ideal for multipacking and high speed applications.
Data Sheet, SDS

High Performance

60-75-100 gauge

A 5-layer shrink film that seals and shrinks at lower temperatures with high free shrink for maximum retail presentation.
Data Sheet, SDS

Ultra Thin

30 gauge

High performance ultra thin shrink film, ultimate in source reduction and reduced carbon footprint.
Data Sheet, SDS

Soft Shrink

45-60-75 gauge

Cross-linked shrink film that combines low force and high free shrink to wrap thin packages and irregularly shaped items.
Data Sheet, SDS

Low Gauge

45 gauge

Cross-linked technology in a low gauge shrink film that combines material savings and abuse resistance.
Data Sheet, SDS

Superior Strength

40 gauge

Cross-linked shrink film with high seal strength.
Data Sheet, SDS

High Shrink

48 gauge

High shrink characteristics at low temperature.
Data Sheet, SDS


45-60 gauge

Cross-linked shrink film with high performance antifog properties that deliver superior gloss and clarity.
Data Sheet, SDS

Bio-based PE
(produced from sugarcane ethanol)

60 gauge

The unique technical properties of B-Nat ensure excellent machine results, high seal strength and maximum retail presentation.
Data Sheet, SDS

High Performance Cross-linked

40-60-75-100 gauge;
125-150 gauge

Cross-linked multi-purpose shrink film, with exceptional strength and puncture resistant.
40g - 100g: Data Sheet, SDS
125g - 150g: Data Sheet, SDS

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