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Bollore offers the "Perfect Fit" shrink films for a full range of applications.

Thin Films


B30: 30 gauge

Bolphane® Ultra Thin Shrink film. High performance shrink film and the added quality of thin film will create a source reduction and reduce the carbon footprint.

BTTX110: 40 gauge

Bolphane® Superior Shrink. cross-linked shrink film with high seal strength.


BLG: 45 gauge

Bolphane® Low gauge Shrink. cross-linked technology offers a low gauge shrink film that combines material savings and  tamper  resistance.

BTT+125: 48 gauge

Bolphane® High Shrink elevated shrink characteristics at low temperature and great optics.

General Purpose Films

BRX: 45-60-75 gauge

Bolphane® Soft Shrink . Our cross-linked shrink film combines low force and high free shrink to wrap thin packages and irregularly shaped items.


BCL:40-60-75-100-125-150 gauge

High Performance Shrink Film. The cross-linked , multi-purpose shrink film has exceptional strength and puncture resistance qualities.


BX: 50-60-75-100 gauge

Bolphane® standard film is designed for high speed packaging machines. High shrink force film with excellent stiffness and flatness, making it ideal for multi-packing and high speed applications

BY: 60-75-100 gauge

Bolphane® High Performance film and Superior Gloss. Some qualities that will set this range aside from others is that this shrink film will seal and shrink at lower temperatures with high free shrink for maximum retail presentation.

BE: 50-60-75-100 gauge

Bolphane® BE shrink film offers a strong shrink force. The center folded film has a optimized perforation for a controlled shrinkage. This product is ideal for multipacking applications


Bio-Based Film

B-NAT® : 60 gauge

Bolphane® Bio-based PE. Bollore has developed resin from sugarcane to aid in reducing the ever limiting resource of fossil fuel based resin. The unique technical properties of B-Nat® ensures excellent machine results, high seal strength and maximum retail presentation.