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Bolphane® BRX

Soft shrink film Seals and shrinks at low temperatures High free shrink Low shrink force

Bolphane® BRX is a multilayer, cross-linked polyolefin soft shrink film. The available gauges are 45 gauge, 60 gauge and 75 gauge shrink films. It is soft enough to wrap products that easily distort, but tough enough to package irregular shaped items. Low temperature properties protect heat-sensitive products. Applications include printed and converted paper products, items packed in lightweight trays and boxes, and softer products. The high free shrink in Bolphane® BRX allows packaging of irregularly-shaped items, and produces the highest quality package aesthetics for shelf appeal. The unique thermal properties of Bolphane ® BRX allow for sealing and shrinking at lower temperatures than competitive shrink films. Bollore's exclusive cross-linking process increases the film's strength and toughness, while also providing strong and secure seals. That means wrapping packages in Bolphane ® BRX results in greater impact resistance and product protection during shipping and retail.


Product Sheets: Data Sheet , SDS