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Packaging shrink films for display applications.

Multipurpose or specialized, Bolphane® polyolefin shrink films form a complete and innovative range of products, developed to meet the needs of the industrial and consumer goods market.

In order to support the evolution of more sustainable plastic films, Bollore has developed a number of shrink film grades using a percentage of Recylced Raw Material in their formulation .Specific grades and details can be found accordingly on this site.

Packaging shrink films for display applications.

BolFresh® shrink films provide a variety of packaging solutions with either barrier (for Modified Atmosphere Packaging), breathable, anti-fog, or stretch-shrink properties in lidding, overwrap, specialty, and perforated film products.

Polypropylene films for capacitors
Since 1980 Bollore has been among the worldwide leaders in the production and development of dielectric materials for wound capacitors. Bollore has invested in the manufacture of dielectric polypropylene films, using the stenter frame process. Today, Bollore is a world leader in the production of dielectric OPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) films for capacitors. This material is at the core of modern wound film capacitor technology.