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Fresh Food Packaging - Long Shelf Life



SOFT 200A: with its high oxygen barrier, anti-fog formulation, and exceptional optical properties, this shrink barrier lidding film is ideally suited for Modified Atmosphere Packaging ( M.A.P. ). Soft 200A will work on barrier trays with a PE sealant.  It is a film that has been constructed to have a wide operating window, so it is compatible with most types of tray packaging equipment. The controlled shrinkage of the Soft 200A assures for a drum tight effect even on light trays.  Soft 200A is most often used in the packaging of fresh meats where extended shelf-life is desired.. Data Sheet, SDS


OXBTEC: is a film formulated with anti-fog and barrier properties and is used in an overwrap packaging format. Combined with a modified atmosphere within the package, it is commonly used with red meat, sausage, ground chicken, cheese, and fresh pizza. The barrier properties of the OXBTEC film is an excellent platform for the product to be conveniently packaged, protected, and preserved.
Data Sheet, SDS