Bollore Incorporated
Quality Assurance

ISO9000 registration remains the best international standard for measuring organizational process quality. We are proud to have been registered to the most current ISO9000 standard since 1996, currently ISO9001, through the accredited registrar ASR. Here is our certificate:

ISO 9001 Certificate
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It is the policy of Bollore Incorporated to provide customers with products that meet their requirements at all times. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work, and is given the training and tools necessary to safely do their job right the first time. The international standard ISO9001 is used to define, measure and continually improve our quality management system.

The Staff is responsible that this policy is communicated and understood, is annually reviewed, and that quality objectives are periodically established and reviewed.

USPS Polywrapped Flats Specifications - Certain Bolphane shrinkfilm meet USPS specifications for automatic mail sorting equipment.

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