• Since the 1930's, Bollore has been among the worldwide leaders in the production and development of dielectric materials for wound capacitors.  Originally a paper manufacturer, Bollore has developed and produced many different grades of electrostatic and electrolytic condenser tissue papers.  The expertise developed during these many years prompted Bollore to invest in the manufacture of dielectric polypropylene films, using the stenter frame process.  Today, Bollore is a world leader in the production of dielectric OPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) films for capacitors.  This material is at the core of modern wound film capacitor technology.

    Polypropylene films and metallized plastic films are the main components used in the AC and DC capacitor industry.

    In 1983, Bollore opened its USA factory in Dayville, Connecticut in order to metallize dielectric polypropylene film for the capacitor market.  As a result, Bollore Incorporated is responsible for the sale and manufacturing of dielectric metallized polypropylene films worldwide.

    The continuous search for deceasing volume, weight, and cost has lead capacitor manufacturers to use more and more metallized film.

    OPP film with a thin metal electrode deposited on it has a particular advantage over previous designs, its self-healing property.  Any defective site in the dielectric is electrically isolated automatically.  The electrical defect is quickly isolated, avoiding most breakdowns and short circuits.

    Different types of metallization are manufactured in Connecticut for sale worldwide.  Among our product offering are:
    • Aluminum
    • Aluminum with zinc heavy edge
    • Alloy with heavy edge
    • Pure zinc with heavy edge
    • Graded
    • Semi-Graded
    • Tri-Step
    • Different metal resistivity-depending on product type-high ohms.
    • Segmented patterns ( several designs )- on different metal layers to suit different applications.
    • Range of widths from 25.4mm to 150mm with margins generally from 1.5 mm to 5 mm (for lateral margins).
    • Series construction
    These kinds of electrodes are connected by end-spraying.

    In order to get a better connection, reinforced (heavy) edges are produced.  This is especially interesting in high current applications.

    The resistivity of the metallized film can be, according to the product, very low, 1 Ω/□ and less, or very high, 100 Ω/□ and more.

    Bollore meets the requirements of the world capacitor industry for high, medium, and low voltage capacitors. Our films meet market standards for power factor correction, motor start, motor run, fluorescent lighting, noise suppression, filtering, power electronics, energy storage, automotive, DC-link, etc.

    There is a continuous evolution of the technology of metallized film.  Please contact Bollore Inc. in order to discuss your specific metallized-film dielectric material needs.