Bolphane ® BTTX110

Product Sheets: Data, SDS

Cross-linked shrink film
Superior impact strength
Same mechanical properties as a conventional 15um polyolefin film
Broad operating window allowing use on a wide range of equipment
High seal strength
Excellent cohesion strength


Bolphane ® BTTX110 is manufactured from a proprietary cross-linked process and is formulated with high-tech resins - such as the latest generation of metallocenes.

Bolphane ® BTTX110 is a very forgiving film and is suitable for a wide range of product applications.

Haze (%) 3.5
Free Shrink at 200°F (%) 20
Free Shrink at 250°F (%) 73
Length of the roll (Ft) Singlewound 13120
Length of the roll (Ft) Centerfolded 6560
Gloss at 20° 115
Elongation at break (%) 110 LD* / 120 TD**
Tensile strength (kg/cm2) 1400 LD* / 1500 TD**

* LD: Longitudinal Direction - ** TD: Transverse Direction