Bolphane ® BRX

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Cross-linked soft shrink film
Seals and shrinks at low temperatures
High free shrink conforms to odd-shaped items
Low shrink force eliminates distortion on thin products
High clarity and gloss showcases retail items
Cross-linked for strength and toughness, and compatible with all types of sealing systems


Bolphane ® BRX is a multilayer, cross-linked, polyolefin soft shrink film. It is soft enough to wrap products that easily distort, but tough enough to package irregularly shaped items. Low temperature properties protect heat-sensitive products.

Applications include printed and converted paper products, items packed in lightweight trays and boxes, and softer products. The high free shrink in BRX allows packaging of irregularly-shaped items, and produces the highest quality package aesthetics for shelf appeal.

The unique thermal properties of Bolphane ® BRX allow for sealing and shrinking at lower temperatures than competitive shrink films. Bollore's exclusive cross-linking process increases the film's strength and toughness, while also providing strong and secure seals. That means wrapping packages in Bolphane ® BRX results in greater impact resistance and product protection during shipping and retail.

SHRINK PROFILE Compared to standard shrink films, Bolphane ® BRX consistently maintains its low shrink force within a wide range of temperatures.
Yield (MSI per pound) 70 51.4 40.6
Gloss (85°) (%) 115 115 115
Haze (%) 4 4 4
Free Shrink at 200°F (%) 30 30 30
Free Shrink at 250°F (%) 77 77 70
Seal strength (g/inch) 1800 2250 2500
Shrink Tension at 300°F (Psi) 330 320 300
WVTR (gms/100 hrs at 95% HR, 95°F) 2 1.5 1.2
CO2 Permeability (cc/m2/24 hrs at 73°F, 1 atm) 5600 4400 3600
O2 Permeability (cc/m2/24 hrs at 73°F, 1 atm) 1400 1100 900
Length of the roll (Ft) Singlewound 11660 8750 7000
Length of the roll (Ft) Centerfolded 5830 4375 3500
Core Internal Diameter (inch) 3 3 3
Nominal roll outside diameter (inch) 9 1/2 9 1/2 9 1/2
Bolphane ® BRX is available in Singlewound (BRX-SW) or in Centerfold (BRX-CF). Please contact us for additional requirements.TYPE WIDTH (inch)
  mini maxi increment
BRX-SW 4" 78" 1/4"
BRX-CF 5" 40" 1"