Bolphane ® BLG

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Low gauge cross-linked polyolefin shrink film
Cross-linked technology provides a more forgiving film in less than optimum equipment conditions.
Suited for a wide range of product applications.
Extended length rolls provide greater value with less changeover and machine downtime.
Excellent optics for outstanding shelf appeal.


Bolphane ® BLG reveals itself in a variety of applications from housewares and office supplies to multipacking. Most preferred are the light products that need excellent shelf appeal without requiring the higher impact resistance of heavier films.

Downgauging gives you the opportunity to save money by significantly reducing packaging material costs. It is also an opportunity to optimize stock management and to reduce material waste. BLG shows outstanding sealability on a broad range of equipment, thanks to Bollore's in-line cross-linking process.

LOWER GAUGE FOR ENHANCED SAVINGS Bolphane ® BLG brings an immediate material saving; greater than 25 % compared to 60 gauge shrink film and greater than 40 % for 75 gauge shrink film.
Yield (MSI per pound) 69.6
Gloss (85°) (%) 112
Haze (%) 4.2
Free Shrink at 200°F (%) 15
Free Shrink at 250°F (%) 75
Seal strength (g/inch) 2000
Tensile strength (psi) 17000
Elongation (%) 115
WVTR (gms/100 hrs at 95% HR, 95°F) 1.6
O2 Permeability (cc/m2/24 hrs at 73°F, 1 atm) 12000
Length of the roll (Ft) Singlewound 11660
Length of the roll (Ft) Centerfolded 5830
Core Internal Diameter (inch) 3
Nominal roll outside diameter (inch) 9 1/2
Bolphane ® BLG is available in Singlewound (BLG-SW) or in Centerfold (BLG-CF). For any other requirements, please contact us.TYPE WIDTH (inch)
  mini maxi increment
BLG-SW 4" 78" 1/4"
BLG-CF 5" 40" 1"