Bolphane ® BFF

Product Sheets: Data, SDS

Cross-linked antifog polyolefin shrink film
Excellent optics to maximize appearance.
Helps preserve freshness and quality.
Cross-linked for strength and toughness.
Runs on a wide range of equipment.


Bolphane ® BFF antifog shrink is the ideal film product for packaging products that are refrigerated to ensure quality. Examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a wide range of processed foods. The high performance antifog properties found in Bolphane ® BFF produce packages with outstanding gloss and clarity for excellent retail shelf appeal. Shrink packaging provides consumer confidence due to product protection and cleanliness.

Bollore's exclusive cross-linking process provides Bolphane ® BFF with a wide operating window which allows for use on a wide variety of shrink packaging equipment.
Crosslinking also increases seal strength and impact resistance. Bolphane ® BFF meets the U.S. FDA criteria for food contact.

Conventional polyolefin shrinkfilm BFF The "cold fog" test
Opaque (or transparent) layer of large droplets Transparent film with no visible water Observation at regular intervals over a one-week period.
Yield (MSI per pound) 69.2 51
Gloss (85°) (%) 115 115
Haze (%) 3.3 3.5
Free Shrink at 200°F (%) 17 17
Free Shrink at 250°F (%) 75 75
Seal strength (g/inch) @375°F 2000 2100
WVTR (gms/100 hrs at 95% HR, 95°F) 1.6 1.5
CO2 Permeability (cc/m2/24 hrs at 73°F, 1 atm) 48000 41000
O2 Permeability (cc/m2/24 hrs at 73°F, 1 atm) 12000 95000
Length of the roll (Ft) Singlewound 11660 8750
Length of the roll (Ft) Centerfolded 5830 4375
Core Internal Diameter (inch) 3 3
Nominal roll outside diameter (inch) 9 1/2 9 1/2
Bolphane ® BFF is available either singlewound (BFF-SW) or centerfold (BFF-CF). Please contact us for additional requirements.TYPE WIDTH (inch)
  mini maxi increment
BFF-SW 4" 78" 1/4"
BFF-CF 5" 37" 1"