Bolphane ® B30

Product Sheets: Data, SDS

Ultra thin shrink film
Outstanding yield
Sustainability through source reduction and full recyclability
Optimal shrinkage at low temperatures


Bolphane ® B30 was developed in particular for applications where economical efficiency as well as performance on high-speed packaging equipment is a must.

Examples: multimedia, stationery, publishing, etc.

Its outstanding yield and thin gauge allows for material saving and increases the roll length which provides productivity improvement from less roll changes. Reducing the number of rolls, further allows for saving on storage space and on the disposal costs associated with reduced packaging (pallets, boxes, and cores). Fully recyclable, Bolphane ® B30 combines today's eco-design trends with lean manufacturing practices.

YIELD Bolphane B30 provides more:
Footage per roll
MSI per pound
Value and Savings
Yield (MSI per pound) 102.8
Gloss (85°) (%) 118
Haze (%) 3.1
Free Shrink at 200°F (%) 40
Free Shrink at 250°F (%) 75
Seal strength (g/inch) 4
WVTR (gms/100 hrs at 95% HR, 95°F) 3.1
O2 Permeability (cc/m2/24 hrs at 73°F, 1 atm) 1100
Length of the roll (Ft) Singlewound 17500
Length of the roll (Ft) Centerfolded 8750
Core Internal Diameter (inch) 3
Nominal roll outside diameter (inch) 9 1/2
STANDARD PUT-UPS Bolphane ® B30 is available either singlewound (B30-SW) or centerfolded (B30-CF).