Bolphane ® B-Nat

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Sustainable development:
a company strategy

Bolloré group incessantly seeks to improve the quality of the products and services it offers. The group is eager to reduce the environmental Footprint of its activities, while respecting the regulations and standards in force.

Pioneer in ultrathin packaging (ranging from 9 to 25 microns), the Plastic Films Division has always been focused on resources savings and recyclability.

Longer Footage per roll means less machine stops and less transportation volume. Also, less packaging materials (boxes, cores, pallets) need to be treated.
Shrinkage and seal occur at low temperature.
Our specific manufacturing process makes that films in the Bolphane range benefit from a high resistance, and thus allow the substitution of thicker films.

ULTRATHIN SHRINKFILM A new generation of ultrathin shrinkfilm

Bolloré launches B-Nat,the first ultrathin packaging shrink film on a basis of green polyethylene.

B-Nat consists for more than 40% of a polyethylene produced from sugarcane ethanol.

SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIALS A sustainable alternative to fossil raw materials

In the current global context of high fossil fuel dependency, and facing the depletion of the planet's resources, sugarcane derived ethylene is a sustainable alternative.

Natural resources are renewable. The green polyethylene resulting therefrom provides the same performance as a fossil polyethylene. At the end of its useful life, the recycling properties are identical to those of a petrochemical PE.


B-Nat is developed to offer the most attractive shelf presentation. Therefore, its optic properties were reinforced.
Its cohesion strength makes it a good candidate for multipacking applications.
The unique technical properties of B-Nat ensure excellent results, from manual to automatic high speed machines.
B-Nat is available in thickness 60 gauge, as flat or centerfolded.
Information on printed B-Nat can be obtained on simply request.


Sugercane for a lower environmental impact

Bolloré has chosen a green PE from Brasil-based supplier Braskem.

Sugercane captures and sequesters more CO2 in its lifecycle than soybean and corn, two other sources for green polyethylene production.
Its cultivation does not occur on arable land and has no impact on food production.
Sugercane is water efficient compare bio-based.
B-Nat is developed to minimize it’s environmental impact.

Gloss at 20° 114
Haze (%) 3
Free Shrink at 93°C (%) 30
Free Shrink at 120°C (%) 65
Seal strength (g/inch) @120°C 23
Length of the roll (Ft) Singlewound 8760
Length of the roll (Ft) Centerfolded 4380
Core Internal Diameter (inch) 3.5
Nominal roll outside diameter (inch) 9