• Bollore Inc. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Bollore, a French corporation with worldwide holdings in services, industry, and finance.
    Incorporated in 1976, Bollore Inc.'s mission is to develop the sales of Bollore products into its targeted North American market.
    Bollore Inc. is currently involved in the manufacturing and sales of two primary product lines: dielectric polypropylene films and specialty packaging films.
    In the dielectric market, Bollore Inc. has traditionally maintained a leader position in both volume and technology.
    From its ISO9001-registered manufacturing environment, Bollore Inc. delivers its ultra-thin (16 gauge) dielectric film (metallized or plain), and its shrink film (single wound, folded, perforated) to a vast customer base of OEM's and distributors.
     Specialty packaging is the company's most recent endeavor and in particular, shrink (polyolefin) films are at the core of this development.
     Using the resources of a technology-driven company, Bollore has set in motion an ambitious plan to establish itself as a global player in the Shrink Packaging marketplace.
     It's Bolphane family of films evolves from a strategy intended to bring its distribution patrons shrink films designed to access the breadth of product applications and packaging machines found in the workplace.
     Multi layer, all purpose, low temperature/high shrink, high speed, ultra thin/high yield, soft shrink, and irradiated films bring distinction to this family.
     Regardless of machine demand or customer requirements, Bollore Inc. has the right shrink film product to ensure distributor success and ultimate customer satisfaction.
     Bollore Inc. is uniquely positioned to bring to its shrink film distribution partners a full range of technical products with territorial security, served locally from a flexible and customer-friendly Connecticut manufacturing facility.

    Bollore Inc. Bolphane shrink films: the right products for the right applications at the right price, with the right relationships. A formula for total manufacturing & distribution success.